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Tile & Laminate Flooring Installation


Tile can be an elegant and intricate option for your home, or it can be modern and minimalist. There are many style, colour and pattern options when it comes to tile, and you can use this stylistically flexible material in many parts of your home. However, tile isn’t as easy to lay as it may look. Professional tile contractors can ensure that you get a great tile installation in Burlington, with the right gap between tiles, the right pattern, and a quality install that will last.


There are several materials to choose from, including ceramic, porcelain, travertine, glass, marble and granite. Each has its own pros and cons that may make it right, or wrong, for your project.

Once your tile is chosen, your tile contractor will help you choose your style and pattern. The actual tile installation can be more complicated than you imagine, and it’s not just about getting the pattern right and spacing the tile properly. When they’re installing the tile, they will also level the floor. Some can even install heated flooring beneath certain tile types.

Tile isn’t just limited to the bathroom floor. There are many floors and walls in your home that you might want to install tile on. Here are some options for your next tile project:

  • Kitchen backsplashes

  • Kitchen floors

  • Bathroom floors

  • Bathroom walls

  • Front entry floor

  • Mudroom floor

  • Living room accent wall

  • Surrounding fireplace

  • Balcony floor

  • Hallway floor

When it comes to tile, you want a beautiful installation more than anything. Chipped tiles, poorly laid out tiles, those with mistakes in their pattern, and with unusual gaps between them, will all undermine the looks of your space. Plus, unfortunately, it’s pretty common to not notice this kind of problem until after the tiler has left. That’s why you should choose Northern Son who are dedicated to  ensure it all looks excellent before they leave.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring fuses a photographic design with resin and protective finishes to provide a highly durable flooring that mirrors the natural beauty of hardwood flooring at a lower cost. These features, coupled with its easy maintenance and durability, have won laminate flooring growing praise over the years from home and business owners. Northern Son offers a variety of laminate flooring options that vary in textures and styles and tile forms, and can prove ideal for high-traffic areas of your home or business.

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